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H2O - Logo.png

H2O Inc.

Since 1980, H2O has helped some of the world's largest offshore oil and gas companies enjoy clean water. We specialize in world-class drinking water, electrochlorination and waste treatment systems for your vessel or offshore platform.


hayward tyler

Driven by engineering excellence, our company is known for the reliability and long-term durability of our fluid-filled motors and pumps, as well as the world-class service that supports our products and legacy brands.

SA Fire.png

SA Fire

SA Fire Protection provides innovative fire protection solutions to protect life and safeguard property for international and national refineries, offshore platforms, storage terminals, power plants, railways, military and university test centres.

GF - Logo.png

Georg Fischer

Founded in 1802, the Corporation is headquartered in Switzerland and is present in 34 countries with 139 companies, of which 61 are production units. GF's 15,111 employees worldwide generated sales of CHF 3,722 million in 2021.

Rapp Bomek.png

Rapp Bomek

Established in Oslo in 1907 by Ferdinand Münz, Aktieselskabet Motoren RAP was the first company to hold the `Rapp' name. The company was formed around a two-stroke hot-bulb engine and set its sights at an early stage on export markets, selling RAP engines to England, Portugal, Spain, USA and South Africa. In 1959, the company moved from Oslo, changed its name to AS Motoren Rapp, and began production in Bodø, in northern Norway. 


Bifold Group

Bifold Fluidpower was established over a century ago as a manufacturer of steam valves and gas detection lamps for use in coal mines. We are now a leading manufacturer of electro-hydraulic and pneumatic directional control valves and accessories for use in the oil and gas industry.


Point Lighting

Point Lighting Corporation was founded in 1993 by a group of airfield lighting professionals dedicated to the values of service, quality and expertise in the fields of aviation obstruction lighting and airfield lighting.





The Petrobras is a publicly traded company, whose majority shareholder is the Government of Brazil, and is therefore a state-owned mixed-capital company.


Brazil's navy

"To prepare and employ the Naval Power, in order to contribute to the Defense of the Homeland; to guarantee the constitutional powers and, on the initiative of any of these, of law and order; to fulfill the subsidiary attributions provided for by Law; and to support for foreign policy”.


Bram Offshore

Bram Offshore Transportes Marítimos is a company of the Edison Chouest Offshore Group specialized in maritime transport to support the oil and gas industry in Brazil. Since the arrival of the first vessel of the Chouest Group, in 1991, the fleet in operation in Brazil has been increasing, with more than 60 highly specialized, state-of-the-art vessels.



Equinor is an international energy company, based in Norway and operating in over 30 countries. We have been present in Brazil for two decades, focusing on oil and gas exploration and production, and on renewable energies. In these 20 years of journey, more than US$ 11 billion were invested, contributing to the development of the energy sector and the local economy.



With more than 43 years of existence, we have developed subsea solutions for the offshore energy industry.

We are a Brazilian company with a strong presence in maintaining the integrity of offshore assets, ensuring long-term environmental sustainability.


Edison Chouest

Founded as Edison Chouest Boat Rental in Galliano, Louisiana, in 1960, the Edison Chouest Offshore companies (ECO) are recognized today as the most diverse and dynamic marine transportation solution providers in the world. ECO operates a growing fleet of over 200 vessels, ranging from 87 to over 360 feet in length, serving an expanding global customer base.



MODEC has been a leading provider of solutions to the Floating Offshore Oil & Gas market for more than 50 years already.

Now we are poised to meet the next challenges.



OceanPact is a Brazilian company that develops and implements safe, efficient and innovative solutions in the areas of environment, subsea operations and logistical and engineering support.

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