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Our company

Founded in 2018, Weight test has been standing out in the market for its transparency, agility and, above all, its ability to exceed customer expectations.

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Our staff is made up of highly qualified people.

Our board and management are focused on planning and organizing the projects in execution for more agility and better results with our clients.

Our mission

Identify and develop business opportunities with sustainable solutions with extreme quality in the supply of products and services, with the priority of respecting the deadlines established by the client.

market vision

To be a reference company, recognized as the best option by customers, employees, the community, suppliers and investors, due to the quality of our products, services and relationships.

Values that guide us in building the future

Integrity in the relationship;
Commitment to the truth;
Human Enhancement as a priority;
Continuous improvement;
Frequent innovation;


Who trusts our company

Energia solar


Weight Test invests in sustainable solutions, bringing quality and economy

for our company andcollaborating with the environment.

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